Mechanical and tools engineering

We produce parts and complete devices, assemble construction units, ensure the provision of all normative parts, propulsion aggregates and control elements, whereas we follow your specifications or can offer you alternatives from international markets.

Maximum coordination, non-stop quality monitoring, efficiency of all processes connected with high reliability, as well as subsequent consulting, are indispensable for us. Our offer also includes custom clearance and dispatch services.

Medical device

Currently we are in charge of e.g. developing a rehabilitation system which would allow efficient locomotive therapy performed in rehabilitation centers or even at home.

It is our goal to help patients with a lower or completely lost ability to walk after a disease or accident improve their condition and provide a system which is used user friendly both for patients and for therapists.

All the types of medical equipment are produced in accordance with European regulations and include CE certificates. All of our production is directed at export. Our primary goal is always customer satisfaction, and we actively communicate with our customers and apply their findings in further development and modernization of products.

We further strengthen this relationship by exhibitions of our products on selected fairs and through our commercial representatives.