Production and service

We will take care of the complete realization of the order, from the enquiry up to its delivery at the designated address. Discussion of technical details is of course included, just as a permanent thorough quality control during the whole production process.

Parabel Promotion Film

Steel production: (black and stainless steel, non-ferrous metal)

Surface finish:

Production options for plastic and rubber materials:

Smelting works: (including production of forms and finishing)


Modern CNC machines allow the production of very precise workpieces.

After our passing through our quality control, we organize specialized loading and safe transportation to the place of destination within the designated deadline.

We provide complete transportation for our customers, from the receipt of the product until its delivery to the customer or to the place of destination.

We provide complete transport documentation, including customs.

We have long-term partnerships with renowned and reliable business partners.

Our services accommodate the requests and requirements of customers.